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6 Things Successful People Do

Success is a habit-based game. "Success" is a relative concept in and of itself, thus its "accomplishment" is entirely contingent on the habits you develop that lead you step by step toward the "goal" you set for yourself.

1. People that are successful plan ahead of time.

Those who succeed at what they want to achieve spend a significant amount of time in advancing, thinking, strategizing, and preparing. They don't wait until the last minute to think about how they'll handle a scenario. Instead, they finish and prepare as much as possible ahead of time so that they can focus on the issues that arise.

Spend some time each night, as well as at the end of each week, reflecting on what you've previously accomplished and what you want to "get done" next. Make a list, devise a strategy, and then let it stew in your subconscious while you sleep. You'll be one step ahead the next morning.

2. They prioritize difficult tasks.

Lazy people have an uncanny ability to complete tasks that aren't actual priorities. When it comes to the difficult stuff, though, they suddenly come up with a million reasons why they won't be able to finish the assignment.

That's because difficult material is, well, difficult. It is a priority for a reason, and that reason is that it is the thing that will make a difference. However, what often changes the needle is the unknown. In some manner, it necessitates a risk or a leap of faith.

3.No is a word used by successful people.

Prepare to enrage a lot of people if you want to go your own way.

Nobody enjoys hearing "no." That is why so many people accept invitations. They don't want to hurt others' feelings, or they don't want to break up current or potential friendships, or they don't want to be shut out of future opportunities, or they don't want to be judged, etc.

However, if you want to be successful, you'll have to say no far more often than you say yes. Do you want to go to the bar and hang out? Do you want to stay up all afternoon and watch football? Do you want to go on a long vacation? None of these things are inherently bad, but if you still haven't realized your dream, remember that every time you say yes to what someone else wants you to do, you're saying no to what you want to achieve.

4. People who are successful invest in themselves.

Successful people view life through the prism of investment, both in terms of time and money.

The majority of Americans consume rather than invest. They squander their earnings. They spend their time with people they don't much care for and doing things they don't particularly enjoy. They spend and spend, only to wonder why their lives are the way they are one morning.

On the other side, successful people invest. They are aware of how they use their time and how they invest it to achieve their objectives. Rather than owning depreciating assets, they invest their money in establishing new revenue streams. They invest in themselves by taking classes, visiting interesting destinations, and pursuing their passions.

5. Associate with other successful people.

Your net worth is determined by your network.

Not having access to "things" is the fundamental utility of having a network. It gives you access to behaviors and cognitive processes that you might otherwise find difficult to develop on your own.

The learning process is accelerated when you are around by people who exhibit the same characteristics you aspire to have one day. You inadvertently live up to their expectations, and you force yourself to improve by imitating them (which is a very good thing). Similarly, if you are surrounded by negative, lethargic, angry, and sad people, you will pick up on their tendencies.

6. They take responsibility for themselves

People who are lazy blame others and make excuses for why things did not happen. Successful people own up to the consequences of their actions and accept responsibility for their saws.

This is an attitude and a habit that takes years to develop properly. To fully succeed, you must be exceedingly self-aware and willing to question your current reality. You cannot point the finger at others and blame them for your discontent, dissatisfaction, etc. if things aren't going your way. You must own up to the fact that you and no one else created your world.

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