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Avoid these common misleading common advices that hold people back from doing business

Through entrepreneurship experience, I have come to realize that when you ask other people’s advice on business, instead of getting more answers, you end up with more questions that can lead you to completely wrong solutions. Whether that advice is being driven down your throat by your Dad, Mum, pastor, or friends who can’t resist dolling out some outdated tidbits, generic advice can do more harm than good if you follow it blindly.

The intention may very well be to help you, especially if it comes from people who would want great things to happen to you in the future. But still, an important skill that any person must acquire is to learn how to be discerning when it comes to taking advice.

Here are some examples of advice that can leave you more confused than ever.

Hard work Always Pays. The problem with working extremely hard is that it keeps your brain occupied and prevents you from picking the low-hanging fruits in your life. It’s no wonder some people spend all their lives toiling and moiling but have little to show for their many years of hard work when retirement age arrives.

Wake Up Earlier. We all have different body resting patterns. Some prefer waking up early, going to work, and sleeping a little early. Others are naturally made to wake up a little later, go to work and sleep a bit late into the night. The problem is that our society glorifies those who wake up early and demonizes those who wake up late – not knowing that we all have different life patterns. The idea that “you must wake up early” should be left to slaves who have an obligation with their masters and farmers who have an obligation in nature. Follow your natural pattern and make the most out of it. If you are an early riser stick to it. If you can perform better with a few more hours of sleep don’t torture yourself.

Find a REAL Job. We live in a world where hairdressers earn more than doctors, online freelancers earn more than accountants, and car mechanics more than engineers. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you to find a real job. If you have found something you are passionate about, something that puts food on your table, something that’s giving you an opportunity to grow, stop listening to society’s nonsense!

You Are Too Young To Do These Things. Don’t let your age, gender, or physique be used against you. You are never too young or too old to dream.

Make Money First, Settle Down Later. Some will tell you to sacrifice everything for now and focus on things that matter the most i.e. your career and education. But that’s bad advice. Material wealth can only take you so far. We have seen people who spent most of their young age working for the big bucks only to later realize that they have completely lost it in life.

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