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Why You Should Not Put All of Your Qualification in Your Job Application

In Summary.

- Do you have many qualifications? here is why you shouldn't put all of them in your job application.

A Man, identified as Hilary Bamulinde, has advised those seeking jobs not to put all of there qualifications in their job application.

According to him, doing so will make you look like you don't concentrate on your job.

"Have many qualifications? Good for you but you don't have to put all of them in your job application as you could easily be viewed as on who doesn't concentrate on the job."

Source brief to opera news concur with him, saying very true, and that it is more practical in the middle east, "if you are a cleaner your job is to clean not to cook that's the work of the chef. They don't like a grasshopper mind."

"Been a victim of this. Its like a punishment for investing in your education and advancement." one of his fans confirmed.

"Especially when such qualifications span different fields." Wizard added.

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A Man Hilary Bamulinde


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