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Why Your Behaviour Is Making It Difficult To Keep Your Job.

Your behaviour might cost you if your don't work on your character. You have to understand that the way you conduct yourself towards others speaks of your character which is your mental and moral qualities.

Most of the people unable to keep one job for three or more months just because of there behaviours. There is no employer who is looking for a hardworking person with bad behaviours. You might be wondering what kind of bad behaviours am talking about, here are some of the behaviours that make it difficult to keep a job.

1. Your Attitude Towards Your Workmates.

Your workmates are your colleagues whom you are supposed to work together as a team in order to achieve a common goal through synergy. If you do not recognise this principle and develop a negative attitude towards your colleagues thinking that they are irrelevant or you are smarter than them, then that affects the total performance of an institution. Know that you will never achieve anything alone and that is why your employer highered you to join them and assist, otherwise your employer could have done it by himself. So if you behave in unworthy manner then you will be terminated anytime.

2. Your Language At Work.

You verbal communication expresses your intention and and perception of your employer and colleagues. If your verbal communication tells the listeners who might be your employer that after all you don't need that job then definitely you will be sacked. For example, you can not yell at your manager, or thraw your hands in the air at him or her. This simply means you don't need anything related tonyhat job.

3. Coming Late To Work And Having Excuses All The Time.

You should avoid giving excuses all the time you come to work late, try to be coming earlier most of the time if not on time. Whenever you make it a habit of coming late, then know that there is no employer willing to see you steals time from them and expect full payment at the end of the month.

4. Clashing With Customers.

Your employer wants you to increase income by attracting more customers. They are your employers boss. The moment you develop a bad relationship with them then you have to know that you are chasing away your indirect payer. Therefore you direct payer who is your employer will have no other business to transact with you rather than laying you off.

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