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Degrees Are Irrelevant As A Requisite For Running An Office, All Panelists Unanimously Agreed On K24

Yesterday on the punchline show hosted by Inea Debarl, there were guests invited as panelists to talk on various issues, they were former deputy speaker Farah Maalim, professor George Wajackoya and Dr. Barrack Muluka.

The centre topic was the issue to do with the degree law as requirement for running an office. The panelists did agree unanimously it was indeed a bad law but not an illegal law.

One of the panelists, Dr Barrack Muluka a political commentator and advisor said, it was indeed a bad law since the law will lock out individuals with the calling to lead others and yet they don't have degrees for instance he gave an example of few individuals who did not have degrees yet they were influential people and had best leadership skills like Tom Mboya and Pio Gama Pinto.

The point is that people have various skills and abilities to lead others and don't need to have a requirement like degrees to effectively administer people a point they unanimously vouched for.

Kenya has individuals with best administration skills yet this requirement law of having degrees will mean blocking interested and best people to lead. They said, that law was a discriminatory one and is based for a few learned individuals.

You cannot discriminate someone on degree basis yet an individual has the capacity to rule, Barrack. He went on to add that, the requirement degree is a bad law and should not be a basis for leadership.

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