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Making A Career Change.

At times a person may feel like they want to change their careers. It may be because you ddon'tlike your current job or maybe you found a more interesting career and you want to try the waters and see where it leads. 

Before making any career change ensure you are sure about the big step that you are about to take. The first step is to ask yourself why you want to make the career change. Ask yourself the following questions. What do you like about your current job? What don't you like about your current job? A quick evaluation about your current job may make you realize that maybe you ddon'tneed a complete career change, maybe it's a partial career change.

It is advisable to assess yourself now and then. Ensure you know what skills you have and most importantly the skills that you enjoy. Find out what makes you feel excited about waking up in the morning. What is that one thing you can't wait to do in the morning?

Have a very organized action plan with goals. Find the functional goal that you want and where you want to achieve it. Do thorough research about the career you feel like you want to take. Talk to people who want who are doing what you want to do. Engage with them and know the requirements of that career you want to change to. Find the disadvantages and the advantages of the same. It is important to see both sides of the coin so that you make the necessary adjustments if need be.

Start applying for the position. Market yourself to the necessary organizations. Find out how you add value. Find out what you will add to your resume to make it more appealing to increase your chances of getting your desired job.

Do a reality check. Examine the pros and cons of having a career change. Find out if there are sacrifices to be made to fit in. Find a good support team to help you out when things get hard. Be creative and offer all that you can in that job.

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