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Easy tips to get a job pretty fast.

Data from the Kenya national bureau of statistics shows that upto 1.23 million people are no longer looking for work. This is a sad reality reflecting the state of our economy. Despite slim chances of getting a job no one should give up but instead do something to remain marketable and increase your chances of getting work . Here's a few useful tips that could be of great help to every job seeker.

Open up about being Jobless.

There's always 'shame' in telling people you have lost your job but talking about your job loss will pave way for you to ask for job leads from your network. Here's an instance where you attend an event and are asked 'what do you do?' Instead of telling a lie , talk about your skills and state that you are currently looking for an Opportunity.

Another useful trick is mass emailing. Yes, you can start by emailing you mentors, bosses in your field and friends you think might have job leads. Your email should be brief but we'll detailed with your skillset , work experience and what you are looking for.

Photo: Importance of a network.

Using social media

Periodically share about your skills and jobs you have done in the past on your socials. They should include photos of you at work, qualifications, previous achievements etc. Be brief and on point while also including you contact details in the posts. Make sure you rotate them to create the impression of demand.

You could also go the old-school way and make cards you can pass on to potential employers or a network of 'well connected feiends' You never know an opportunity mind be waiting for you. Put in effort to find a job.

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