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How to Calculate Tangible Salary from Gross, Basic and Allowances Indicated on a Payslips

This is how to calculate monthly salary you're going to recieve. In case of a police or any other officers deployed in Semi Arid places example Garrisa, Lamu can not get same amount compared to those working at Kiambu, Nairobi and Eldoret, because of hardship issues in the area such as water, food, insecurities etc.

So on every payslip you meet there should be Basic income which normally equivalent amongst employee of similar ranks and job groups eg. constable. Will be calculated as follows Gross=(Basic salary + Allowances including risk if available) assuming Bs=18000, total allowances 10,000. Net Pay are always (Gross) minus sum of Deductions that is loan repayments plus tax payee. If credits costs 5200 and kra revenue 2000. We can't withdraw excess ksh. predicted in the paycheck after finding this Math correctly. GS=( Bs+ Allw) 18000+10000=28000, then (Net pay) = 28000-(5200+2000) resulting to 20800 in hands. Everyone involved should learn their annual income whenever they get promises for rewards by employers in order to plan for future personal budget which can be school fees, individual investment, further studies. Ladies & Gentlemen must get lessons, reasons and purposes for knowledge of these findings. Note NET shows tangible money. (Share to WhatsApp and comment)

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