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Zora: Madiba Lands A New Job

Today's episode starts with Madiba looking for a place to sleep with his daughters. Madiba goes to Zora's work place but he doesn't know if it's for Zora. Fila and Lila sleeps because they are tired. Madiba takes some cartons and spread for them to sleep.

In the morning Madiba goes to a car wash, he asks if their is any vacancy. The manager asks him if he knows to drive Madiba says yes then the manager tells him to put on aprons and gumboots.

Madiba will be so happy to have the job,he will takes his daughters a place to rest. Madiba will start his work for washing cars and making them clean. The manager and his co worker will be looking gossiping at Madiba but he is not aware just focused with his job.

Lila and Fila will be watching their father but they have no other option because their father has to do that for their needs.

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Fila Lila Madiba


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