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5 Tips Of Growing In Your Career

We all know that even if you come from poverty, lack, a slum, abuse, pain or a sinful part, you can become anything and everything you can ever hope and desire. Like some one Who says" It is not where you come from that matters but where you are going."

Growing in your career may include having greater responsibility, being given more authority or being promoted in to more senior role. Here are areas one should consider to attain growth:

1. Develop a career plan for yourself

You must have a clearly articulated career goal. Articulating a career goal helps you clarify the kind of job you see yourself in, in the future; what kind of rule you will be playing, the kind of organisation, the kind of authority, responsibilities and rewards that come with it. Doing this is extremely important because it will guide you in deciding the kinds of jobs, roles, organisation you look for opportunities from.

2. Be an outstanding employee

It's important for your department, organisation and or industry Leaders to be aware of you and have a positive disposition towards you. Set yourself apart from other by having a good attitude and deliver high quality work. Do not wait to have the nice title to do good work.

3. Invest your time and reap the dividends of career growth

In your current role you are required to deliver good results within a normal working day. Positioning yourself for a good review is through your willingness to do a little bit more than what is in your job description. It Is offering to take up extra responsibility or tasks. At times, it requires you to come earlier than others and leave later than others to ensure you are keeping up to date with your work or doing a little more than others.

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