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Inbuilt secret to you success in life

Do you feel "trapped" in your life? I mean completely "stuck", unable to move, paralyzed, or unable to make the right decision. A few years ago, I felt completely trapped.

I am thinking of a business opportunity that seems ideal to me and I guarantee that it will also be very profitable. However, in my dealings with this company, I felt exhausted many times, and I must admit that it all felt a bit bad. I spent two weeks communicating with relevant parties, and I think if I have some space, I will find the answers I need to know how to proceed. But at the end of the two weeks, I was still as lost as before, not knowing whether to continue working together or to withdraw partly or completely. I went to a nearby resort to try to gather my thoughts and find the answer.

Two days and two nights passed, and I still don't know what to do. I tried very hard to figure out everything with my mind, and my rational mind did not help me at all. Finally, desperate, I wrote in the middle of the night: "I need a new framework, a new way of seeing my life and making decisions." The next morning, I inserted a new friend who sent me a magnetic tape. Although the quality of the tape is bad, I heard something that has become my new framework

There is a God-given ability in your body that will tell you what is good for you and what is bad for you. Those are your emotions. If something feels good, then it is good for you. If something doesn't feel right, it isn't. I immediately knew that this business proposal was not good for me because I was not completely satisfied with it. In fact, I was sick and tried to make myself feel good, but that was not the case. With this new decision-making framework, it is really worth it.

I was sober and calm about having no relationship with this business partner, and immediately wrote a list of the characteristics of the business partnership I wanted. Within a few days, I met my current business partner, who fits the list that I want. After realizing this inner ability, you will never need your mind to make a decision. You always need to rationalize or justify your decision. You just need to admit, "feel bad" and "feel good" and "feel good!" To find out what works for you.

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