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Before Planning To Go For A Job In Saudi Arabia And Its Environs Consider This

Courtesy of Standard Newspaper - A victim in Saudi Arabia

Joblessness among the youths in Kenya has made them broaden their minds to find their daily bread abroad. According to research carried out by the Reuters Foundation, it's clear that thousands of youths have taken the direction to Middle East countries. To be precise, Trace Kenya's Paul Adhoch believes that more than 100,000 Kenyans have been deceived about the nature of work, ending up in exploitation.

Amazingly, recruiters are most likely to be well known to the culprits. They take advantage of the relationship and carry out the illegal business of human trafficking. According to Ruth Lewa, the Director of SOLWODI, "You could be recruited by your uncle, cousin, nephew, a brother or even a sister", she said. SOLWODI is a charity that supports human traffic survivors. However, it takes one's decision to move forward in the search of greener pastures. Female human beings are the most affected by this act.

In 2013, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported that many people died in Qatar during the building infrastructure of FIFA World cup in 2022. Since then, human Labor abuse in the Middle East has come under scrutiny. It is worth noting that it is a matter of life and death when one takes the decision to lender services in these countries.

"What happens is that you become under the full control of your employer", Paul Adhoch said. One does not have the freedom to decide on owns life, rendering this person to be a slave. This is the modern slave trade that is happening in our lives.

The major jobs available are housemaids for the girls. The employer goes to the extent to give orders to the girl to choose between death and sex. It is then that the helpless and hopeless young learned lady, realizes that she is in danger. The girl would start figuring out how to get back home safely. Some make it but others end up being killed only to be taken home inboxes.

Be warned, that these guys do not value the lives of humans especially from Africa. Now that you know, pass this information and advice others to be proud of their home country, Kenya.

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