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4 Habits to Set up Your Week and Be Unstoppable.

1. Don’t sleep in.

Far too many people see Sunday as a day to sleep in and then wonder why they are so tired on Monday morning

Stop messing with your circadian rhythm, get up at your normal time if you don’t want to mess up your week.

2. Analyse the past week.

-What went great?

-What went wrong?

-Why did it go great?

-Why did it go wrong?

Is there anything you can do to prevent it from reoccurring? Analyse your past week to try and either replicate it or learn from it.

3. Plan the coming week.

Take out your planner and schedule in everything you know is happening, calls, doctor appointments, your job.

And then set some goals for the week, what do you want to achieve? This will make planning your day the night before so much easier.

4. Disconnect.

You’ve spent the whole week with your eyes glued to a screen, it hurts a bit, doesn't it?

Get outside, stay inside, swim, hike, read, just make sure you get your eyes away from the screen to let your brain calm down and have some space to think.

Even an hour will make a massive difference.

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