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How To Handle A Low Salary Job Offer

Thank the employer for the offer. They may not realize the market rate for a role, and you shouldn't assume they have bad intentions. Every response you may want to give after this will go better if you thank them first.

Ask for time to consider the offer. Accepting an offer on the spot is a rookie move. You shouldn't do this. None of the most in-demand, experienced job seekers are doing this typically.

Research salaries and collects data. You need to know what you are truly dealing with, and if you want to counter-offer, you need hard facts.

Decide a minimum you'll accept for the role. Don't share this with the employer, but you will be more comfortable going into a negotiation if you have this number.

Respond to the offer. Ask for what you feel you are worth. Tell them what you will take, offer-wise, to get you onboard!


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