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What you should do if jobless or misplaced in your career

Are you tired tired of writing job applications?

Have you grown weary of unfruitful interviews? Are you working but unhappy with your job?

Here is a piece of advise for you if you are in the above situation. In the present age, we have so many trained professionals in entirely all fields. This has brought a very high competition for the few slots available in the different industries. Even worse is the increased rate of corruption, nepotism, racism and tribalism, such that when you apply for a job it is not about what you know, but who you know. This has led to despair among the applicants who are least known, or do not have god-fathers.

Still there are many people who managed to get jobs but are never satisfied with what they do. They have always performed poorly in their work, always violating deadlines, and perhaps always at logger heads with their bosses. This is because they are in misplaced careers.

Therefore here is an advice to such;

Quit the job and do what you love. For example, if you are in banking, and you feel your passion is to be a pastor or a teacher, change the career while it still early.

If the age is advanced, just accept your current career and choose to thrive in it, because yea its possible.

For those who are yet to decide their careers; - young adults and teens, choose careers wisely. Pursue a course in the field you are passionate about. Let not the salary fool you. When you work in the area of your passion, you will not be desperate when you don't get hired because it will be easy for you to be self employed doing what you love doing.

For those who are professionals yet jobless, I advise that you get any hustle that can pay your bills so that you become independent. Starting a business is a good option, with any capital that you have. Also avoid debts at any cost.

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