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Lucrative Jobs For Kenyan Student You Better Know About

Life in school can be difficult for students owing to financial hitches. Students core business in school is studying so finding time to do any job is very hard.

For some who come from rich backgrounds it's quite easy to pay for their upkeep and stay in school. This is not the case for others who have to contend with the balance between their studies and doing a few jobs here and there to sustain their living. Others still pay their full fees especially those who are lucky to secure good jobs.

Some of the jobs available out there can be tiring and weary for a comrade. Some for example could mean suspending at least a week's studies to work. The work itself could be hard labour which is really draining for a student.

There are jobs however that are "comrade friendly" that would involve less struggle, more flexibility and have opportunities for growth all of which are important to a student. Below are some of them;

1. Selling of banks products

Sales can be tiring especially if you have to move around and report to managers daily. Banks sales however, are much flexible as selling bank products such as accounts, loans among other products can be done at an individuals schedule and convenience. Most have few requirements including school certificates and good conduct certificate the best part is these jobs are readily available!

2. Online writing

Online writing is one of the most lucrative areas for many people. It is easily available and as long as one can write down appealing articles or professional documents or papers they are good to try it out!

3. Trying out some skills

Comrades can try learning some skills and turning them into money making ventures. For example an ICT student may find a job in a local cyber and make some money. A student with barbering skills can get a job at a local barbershop to work on weekends only when it's most busy. Barbers are hard to find after all!

With these and many more if a comrade is able to make that extra coin life campus becomes much easier!.

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