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Do Not Leave Your Career Currently To venture Into Business Find Out Why

Having read a good number of motivational, career and business books, most of us believe that depending on employment, salaries and wages one dies poor. There must have been a shift in thought and you all want to quit your profession so as to get into business, well, this is not the right time and here is why.

The world currently is facing one of the biggest challenges, which is Covid 19, a disease that was first discovered in Wuhan China and has continued to take away lives of people, in this pandemic, do not quit your job.

Resigning from your career to start up an enterprise may be problematic as with Corona there has been closure of institutions and other trade industries. The on and off containment measures are negatively impacting all sectors so your venture will not flourish.

This might turn you into a beggar because securing another job at this moment is so hard. Instead stick to your work despite the salary cut off and maybe begin a Covid 19related trade such ad production of masks and hand sanitizers.

Remember, do not depend on only one source of income.

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