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What It Cost To Be A Pilot In Kenya, Requirements And Estimated Cost.

Many Kenyans always have a dream to be a pilot at any point in their lives,but a large percentage of such dreams always die prematurely. This is mostly caused by lack of knowledge about aviation as a course by many Kenyans who would like to pursue it.

Assumptions that only those who are super rich and super bright make it to become pilots,is the main factor which has killed many dreams of becoming pilots amongst many Kenyan youths,majorly at high school level.

Some people consider piloting career not to be marketable compared to other courses,not knowing that pilots can fly helicopters,cargo and commercial planes. Infact there are many airline companies operating in Kenya such as jumbo Jets and Kenya airways. This therefore outline piloting as one of the most marketable course in Kenya.

The Kenya airways careers site reveals that the minimum entry grade for an individual to persue aviation is C(plain) with at least grade C in English, Mathematics or any other related sciences. Other aviation schools require a minimum grace C+. However,one must attain grade "A" in aeroplane performance rating,a test that all commercial airline pilots must undertake in Kenya.

The Kenya civil aviation Authority requires a minimum entry age of 16-years for students to train as pilots and they must be able to read,write speak and understand English. However,to fly a plane in Kenya one must be 17-years of age and above.

Indeed,it is the cost of training that stops many Kenyans from achieving their dreams as pilots. Some Kenyan aviation schools charge up to 6 million shillings for helicopter trainings. In addition,the first basic licence costs 800000 after a six months training. The second licence for commercial pilots costs up to sh.2,6000,000.

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