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Jobs With Minimal Capital Requirements That Kenyan Youths Can Depend On

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The issue of lack of jobs among Kenyan youths run rampant for a couple of years. Some of the causes are downsizing of prominent companies, uncomfortable job expectations, lack of expected job skills among others. Should the youth blame themselves or the government for lack of sufficient job opportunities ?

The government have done their part to the best of their ability to solve this radicle issue. However, their success on creating sufficient job opportunities for the youth have been minimal. This raises the alarm that something needs to be done on the job sector.

Kenyan youths should not stay idle at home. An idle mind is a devil`s workshop, they might be tempted to engage in drug abuse. They ought to adopt a positive mindset on pursuing menial jobs.

The following are examples of jobs that do not require high capital and skills for Kenyan youths:


The youth should focus on selling agricultural products in the market. This job requires a lot of patience and commitment for it to run in a well organised manner for huge profits. For example, with 500 note, a Kenyan youth can buy 3 Cavendish bananas and stole them to get ripe for commercial purposes.


Typically, a crate of eggs goes at 300 Kenyan shillings. A youth investor can venture in the egg production business. Boiling eggs for sale does not require much task that Kenyan youths cannot keep up with.


Kenyan youths especially from Mount Kenya where rainfall and water is readily available, can best benefit from this project. Minimal capital is required to set up a carwash. However, youths should be patient with the business as the growing rate is typically slow.

Kenyan youths should never give up on creating and looking for job opportunities. They should always work hard and depend on God to open doors of success upon their lives.

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