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Challenges experienced by Citizens living in urban centres in Kenya

The lifestyle of people living in urban areas differs a great deal with those living in rural areas. Citizens in urban areas incur high cost when buying commodities such as cereals which are sold at cheaper prices in rural areas. An individual living in rural who earns a monthly salary of Kes 10,000 is far much better than a person who earns Kes 20,000 but stays in urban centre. In towns,one is required to settle electricity and water bill, pay rent, pay school fees for the children among other expenses. Many people in Kenya prefer to work in town but shift their families to rural areas where cost of living is favourable.

In urban areas,people experience the issue of congestion due to limited space in the residential areas. The amount of space available is not enough to accommodate everyone hence many people live in a small area leading to congestion, which exposes them to risk of contracting diseases.

In urban centres, the supply of water is not sufficient. Water is needed on daily basis for cooking and cleaning among other uses. This means that people suffer greatly when there is no enough supply of water,exposing then to risks of contracting diseases like cholera and typhoid which are caused by poor hygiene.

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