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Key financial and career lessons

No success comes without labour and sweat. Every successful entrepreneur marks their milestones through challenges. The lessons that these challenges, trials, losses and scores present go a long way in giving budding entrepreneur a head start. We take a look at some of the lessons that entrepreneurs have learnt.

1. Don't invest with your heart:

You will never go wrong if you learn to avoid making investment decisions with your heart. Sometimes back, I invested in an executive car leasing business that proved to be very worthy. By then, I had become wise enough not invest with my heart. Instead, I made investment decisions based on what my business numbers and projections said. When making an investment, always put the bottom line ahead of your emotions. This includes the amount you want to invest, the projected sales and return on investment.

2.Hard work pays.

Hard work does not kill if you are passionate about what you do. Just show up every day and and serve to your best capacity. Be patient because hard work will always take time to pay off. I learnt this when I built my with loan, and started my own business. It took a lot of sacrifices, planning and hard work to turn my dream of becoming rent - free and owning a business into a reality.

3. Loans work.

I started my business with a sh100000 loan, which I invested in a side hustle boutique business. Later, I acquired additional credit facilities and pulled out my start - up investment to start my business. The loans I took anchored my business until it became profitable. Don't fear loans. Instead put them to good use and make timely repayments.

3. Win or learn .

I have Learnt to never win or lose.

Instead I win or learn. Everything in life is a lesson that you can learn from. Also, your ability to remember the lessons for the future is what will determine what direction your business or career takes personally making it into the business or career takes.

4. Go off script.

You may need to go off script in order to acquire wealth or career satisfaction. At the age of 25, I abandoned the well - known and conventional career route in a choice that looked doomed to those close to me. Not many people had faith in my decision. Many people feared that it will not bring in a good cash. Today I'm glad that I took the bold step. I am now happy and fulfilled, and that is what really matters.

Thank you my readers, share and comment.

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