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"My Employer Was Heaven Sent, Not All Employers In Saudi Arabia are Wicked" A Lady Narrates

There have been stories going around people talking of how they went to Saudi Arabia and were mistreated. Most kenyans who have gone to saudia Arabia came back with stories that will make everyone fear to go there. A lady by the name Nelly has a different story to tell.

Her stay in Saudi Arabia was one in a lifetime kind of treat.

She was employed by a lady who treated her like a Sister. She explains that her only work was more like the work she used to do back at home, washing clothes, utensils and cleaning the house. Her employer taught her how to use the machines, how to cook and sometimes helped her to cook.

Her employer cooked for her for more than 1 and a half years.

The last day when she was leaving to come back home, her employer cried. It was like living a part of your family behind.

The main problem she faced was late payment but the rest of her stay was smooth.

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