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How we benefit in budgeting and saving our How we benefit in budgeting and saving our small monthly salaries.

For a person earning 10,000 to believe that it's a lot of money to receive and deserve saving, this is how you can manage your monthly payment. First pay rent of at most 2000, foodstuffs 2100 and daily mobile phone credit of 10 bob totalling to 300. Clothing account to get 700 since it is also basic need after foodstuffs and shelter that has automatically filled 51% of the hundred dollars in our Kenya's currency. (Daily lecturer of salary management by Eliud Newton Odhiambo in the society)

Remember some guys are breadwinners at home, so send 1900 via Mpesa to parents and remain with 500 pocket money. Then via safaricom sim card in your smartphone or any other usual vessel go to M-PESA loans, click either M Shwari and K.C.B select target saving then enter maximum shillings you desire have at a given period of time eg 10 months. 

Ensure 25% to be invested there for the rest 364 days ( 10-12 months ) and be aware to harvest twenty five thousand. Which is a good stock for beginning a hotel, green vegetables and fruits stall, bar, early childhood teaching centre, internet cyber, small security guard firm and even profitable ornamental poultry keeping eg turkey, geese, peafowl with KWS permit of 100 Sterling Pounds.

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K.C.B M Shwari Mpesa


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