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Business Management analysis

Small Businesses One Can Make More Than Ksh1000 a Day.

Small Business pays more than most 8-5 jobs.

Many people who have not been employed have ended up in self employment and they are really enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

Rich people are businesses owners and they all started from somewhere, this gives you a reason to implement your business idea and putting in more effort to make it grow.

Here are some of the small businesses which can earn you more than Ksh 1000 per day .

1. Saloon.

Women always want to see their hair look smart and neat, thus opening a saloon and providing that quality service will attract more customers and retain others.

2.Car wash.

In the city, for your car to be washed you will have to pay Ksh 300 or more. Imagine washing just five cars only in a day, and this business doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

3. A wines and spirits shop.

It is pretty straightforward that people will need to drink. If you live in populous neighborhoods, you can take advantage of the potential market.

Locating your wines and spirits shop in a congested place and having a variety of drinks are secrets of making your wines and spirits shop profitable. A 300ml soda which goes for Ksh 30 goes for Ksh 70 at a wines and spirits shop and that’s already a Ksh 40 extra profit.

4. Selling second-hand clothes.

This is one of the best business in Kenya due to the ever-growing demand.

The good thing about selling second-hand clothes is that you don’t need to rent a space. You can sell it from door to door and most of the clothes are sold double the price you purchased them.

5. A butchery.

A kilogram of meat sold in a butchery brings about 4 shillings as profit. You only need to locate your butchery at a residential place so that you can sell 20 plus kilograms of meat per day.

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