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The "NITAKUFINYA PAIR" have landed a lucrative job

In Kenya it is becoming a vice that for one to get a job aside from having your academic qualifications and attending an interview for the same, one could still do something aligned with comedy.Once it trends on social media there are chances that you could get endorsed to act as a brand representative for the numerous businesses that never fall short of the need for advertising.

In a TV interview covered by k24 about 10 years ago, this two men Matendechere and Musyoka were caught on camera when one thought the other was exposing too much of their hUstler life at the Mukuru kwa Njenga estate.Musyoka was complaining about how illegal electricity was a threat to the people of the low class estate having suffered electrocution himself that had left his arm hurt.

In was evident that the two were not in terms over the issue, Matendechere actually threatened to beat up the other guy in the popular trending video with the phrase 'nitakufinya'.However as fate would have it the duo have been reconciled 10 years down the line in a very different life changing opportunity.Popular TV host Phelix Odiwuor was the one who announced the reconciliation on the Jalang'o Tv Show .The nitakufinya pair have landed a job to feature in upcoming adverts by the flouring meal brand Jahazi Flour.

Alongside that each of them will be furnished with a new mortobike.This is immensely good news to the two because in their day to day lives Musyoki was a water vender whereas Matendechera a barber shop owner in the slum, this is a great improvement.We hope they'll do well.

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