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What Employers Want To See In Job Application Letters

Employers often require job applicants to submit a job application letter so that they can analyze qualified people, who they can call for interviews.

Several things to keep in mind:

The letter describes your communication skills

A job application letter is a form of communication we call formal communication. So you are expected to follow the correct format of the letter - such as writing your address, the employer's address, the title of the letter, the greeting, the date,   the correct conclusion of the letter, and your signature. Also because it is official communication, you should use official languages, instead of using street languages or informal abbreviations. Abbreviations like am   .am applying for this post…, and the end of the letter you wrote

 Yours for real,


(Indicates your ability to communicate well is limited).

Apart from using the official language, you should also be able to write according to the correct grammar rules. No matter if you have written your goal is to say you have a good ability to make good communication, the employer will be able to discover the truth quickly through your letter, for example, if you write: -

 "I am excellent communication skills"

The letter describes what kind of employee you are

The way you write and what you will write in the letter can show what your employer should expect from you as an employee. Examples of things that can express themselves in your letter are: -

n -Are you creative or not: This will be reflected in the way you have decided to differentiate yourself in writing different letters from what most people write. Example how you express yourself about how you 'fit' the relevant position you are applying for. How you describe the achievements you have achieved in your previous work - what basic things you did that benefited your previous organization (even if you were a student of course if you are an architect you did two or three benefits for other people and for you as well).  

n -Are you a worker or not: This will be reflected in the way you have carefully written your letter - have you been diligent enough to follow all the job ad instructions? Have you been diligent in following the criteria for effective communication? Have you done enough research on the job you are applying for and the organization that wants to hire you so that when you write your letter, you show that you have the understanding and motivation to get the job?

The letter explains why you were elected or not

n -Given the competition in the job market and the need for a 'better product', your letter must meet those criteria, so that it can persuade employers to call you for interviews and eventually hire you. Criteria such as being creative, hardworking, knowledgeable, experienced, and effective in communication skills are factors that can make sense in the way you write a letter.

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