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What Success really is

Every young person out there dreams of a successful future. Every person works hard for a success at the end, but no one has ever had time to ask out what is success. Many people yearn for a luxury life, rapidly growing businesses and a happy family. This can be the definition of almost ninety nine percent of the total population.

But what exactly is success? Success is not about luxurious palatial house with high fences with fleets of flashy cars. Success is better defined with everyone's ability and gauge. People differ from each other with the capability they can go to achieve a certain goal.

Your capability describes you better and whatever you achieve with the hard work, commitment and pride will be your success. Most people disgrace their success as mere step. This will anchor your motive because people work better when moving from one level to another. Once you ignore any kind of success on your life, you lose a gear for the next step.

People fail to recognize success in their life because of the greed and comparing themselves with other people. People have different motives in life and comparing yourself to others only creates stress and depression. You would not appreciate the little steps you make in your journey to the big reward because of your desire to fly once to the honey pot.

I had a friend who started training as a graphic designer. He used to watch YouTube tuturials but gave up after sometime. His reason was he could never be like those who made the tuturials. After few talks and finally convinced him to start all over again, he came to me with his first design which was a simple name in huge fonts. It was a success on his side and that encouraged him until he can now design trademark logos.

Anyone out there I urge to not desire a life but start working towards it. Define your success and don't force yourself to compete with other people who already finished the race.

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