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Characteristics of a good employee

Identity the characteristics of employees

1] Good communicator

2] Accountable

3] Openness to share ideas and experiences

4] Good interpersonal skills

characteristics of a good employee

a) be honest

b) be trusted

c) be hardworking

d) have good interpersonal relationship

2] Expectations of an employee

1) Respectful treatment

2) Trust between employees and senior management

3) Competitive competition/pay

4) Job security

5) Training and development

3] Obligation of an employer

1) Ensure a safe and respectful work environment

2) Abide by labour laws

3) Compensate employees fairly

4) Address performance and / behavioral problems in a timely manner

4] Employees are expected to

- be productive

- be respective

- be hardworking

- be creative

- be assertive

- to do job at the collect time

5] Challenges faced by employees

: Poor working environment

: Overworked

: Low payment

: Language barrier

: Harshment from employer or other employees

6] Occupational hazards and risks

; A hazards is a potential source of harm

; Adverse health effect on a person or persons

example of hazards, employees should be aware of an electricity,fire,gas safey,noise, working in confined place, workplace accidents (strip,fall or slips)

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