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Some Weird Occupations You May Not Have Heard Of

Some Weird Occupations You May Not Have Heard Of

Some people somewhere are engaged in weird activities you would not believe. We all do something for a living,and we are familiar with the most common types of occupations. But there are people out there doing things you'd consider weird,as a way of earning their daily living. Check these different types of occupations.

Professional Sleeper

With increased industrialization many modern industries require different types of services,one of them being a professional sleeper. It could not be the normal full type job you're used to but it can be a good source of income.

Researchers could need sleepers for various assignments, mattress manufacturers could want someone to test their brands and also there are artists who require sleeping persons to effectively perform their actions.

Parabolic Expert

One of the first things one has to learn when training to be an astronaut is how to adjust yourself in an environment with no gravity. It may sound easy but it is actually very difficulty, because our bodies only know how to maneuver their ways under gravity.

The trainers for such are known as parabolic experts,and very few people are qualified worldwide to do it. Their work mostly involve training and they don't go into space themselves.

Professional Mourners

This has been happening for a thousand of years in many places, among them Africa, ancient Egypt and China. For China it is has deep roots.

It is not a complicated thing. You just need to show up to the funeral and do all that is involved in mourning.

Iceberg Movers

There are companies that actually move icebergs to from the South Pole to the shore,where water is obtained from them. All you need is to send your application to such companies.


This is exactly as it sounds. It is someone who tells the future but they have to be backed by data. A futurist studies current data then predicts the future using the current data information.

Food Stylist

Food advertising has been existing for along time and apparently a specialist or a professional worked on the appearance,to make it look spectacular in the camera. It requires years if practice to master how to do it properly. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Shark Tank Cleaner

These are those people who clean the artificial ecosystem created for the sharks. Someone actually has to go into the tanks and clean them, and since there are no other tanks to keep the sharks temporarily as they clean, they do it when the sharks are in there.

Odour Judge

How a product smell,for example soap,candle,or deodorants is important for its market value. And you are wondering who says how it should smell or if it smells how it should. Well, there's an expert for that . Odour judges determine the best smell for a particular product. The difficult part is they have to go through several bad odour like the smell of armpits in order to come up with the best smell to counter that.

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