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College Education


You will never miss jobs when you pursue the following courses.

As students work hard in schools so that they can pass exams and pursue courses of their dreams, many a times students end up doing courses they are not aware off. The following are among the courses students can pursue and get jobs immediately after their studies; Civil engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Computer science, Education [ Biology and Agriculture combination].

In as much as the government is trying to achieve the vision 2030 , more of roads and railways have to be built, hospitals and industries have to be constructed for it to achieve the vision, which requires engineers. We are in a changing world and more activities in companies will require skilled personnel in computer science to do the tasks.

There is outbreak of new diseases in the world that requires experts and scientists to study the diseases, currently the covid 19 has affected the economy of the whole world and scientists are trying to find out the vaccine, all these are in the field of medicine. Currently Agriculture being the backbone of the country economy ,more interests are developed interests in learning Agriculture therefore more teachers are needed.

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