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Husband and wife relationship

My Female Boss Forcefully Wants me to Satisfy Her so That She Can Give me Favours at Work, Man Says

Jack, a married man in Nairobi is happily married to one wife and luckily blessed with three children, according to him, he has been in a relationship with his wife for 10 years, and all has been well. Recently a dilemma has been eating him up and he wonders which step to take next.

Jack is an employee and works below a female boss, he has been working for her for 7 years now, the problem he is facing is that the lady has refused to approve his recommendation to get a promotion despite his good conduct while at work. After making several attempts to get a job promotion, Jack felt tired and decided to ask her boss why she was so mean when it came to his advances.

Boldly speaking, the female boss did not want to beat around the bush, she admitted that she had declined most of his requests to gain promotion because she wanted to engage in the act with him first and get satisfied then make everything run smoothly for him.

According to Jack, the woman has a very big position at the workplace and his fear is that when he declines the woman's advances, he is at a very big risk of losing his job, and yet he is a breadwinner.

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