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Things to Consider to Earn a Good Salary

Most people after graduation,they happily think of being employed since they are already professionals.they start browsing facebook,opera mini,brightermonday,tuko,and many other online platforms offering jobs.They even start asking other working people whether where they work there is vacancy.personally am also a victim.Whenever am jobless i start again the process of searching jobs online to an extent of calling those were former work mates whether they know any company hiring.

But before taking a step of taking your papers to any institution,let me advice you for free,never take your papers to a company whereby all the workers have the look of sympathy [sura za kufinyiliwa].mostly those workers are under payed and that's why they are like that.Now the question is ,would you like to be like them? But you can't fall in a hole while you can see next time if you go looking for a job survey the workers looks and your conclusion will be final

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