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Refuse to Carry Your Neighbor in Your Car, Nyoxx wa Katta Advices Netizens

Nyoxx wa Katta is a popular radio queen who host a Radio show at Inooro Radio alongside Jeff Kuria. She also hosts a Mugithi show at Inooro TV every Friday.

On her Facebook page, she has tried to encourage her fans telling them that they should mind less what people say. Here is what she wrote:

"Human beings have a tendancy of hating others especially if they feel they are not getting what they want from them. They feel entitled to what you have achieved. Unfortunately the very same people will not want to associate with you during your struggles, they don't want to help you when you are trying, they will not buy from your kiosk, they can't help you when you can't raise fees for your children, can't give you connections for a job, actually when you try several times and fail they will say how useless and thoughtless you are, but wait until you get there, and you refuse to help, you will find it rough.

 I want to tell someone that it is very okey not to feel guilty when you make choices on who to help and who not to. This thing of people telling you property gets destroyed, shun pride and the likes,don't let it make you a slave. You struggled alone, please eat first actually get fat, buy something you always prayed for, go on holiday, invite people who held your hand, call that poor person who would buy from your kiosk and help them even before you help those close to you. Actually choose violence, if you called them when in trouble and they never answered don't pick theirs, refuse to carry your neighbors with your car, hoot and pass. If they hated you at your lowest and weakest moments trust you me when you make it, it doesn't mean they will love you. NO, it is your money they love. Eat your sweat in peace am eating mine Almasi Village Resort,Maragua."

Here is the screenshot of the post.

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