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3 Weird Jobs With Good Pay That You Didn't Know Exist

Many people only knows the popular jobs like being an engineer, a doctor, a teacher and many others. They don't know that there are some special jobs with good pay. They might sound weird but they pay more than the most know jobs. If you haven't heard of any, today I'm going to show you some of the weird Jobs that pay well.

1.Ice cream taster.

If people knew that this kind of job exists, I know many would have gone for it. Imagine tasting ice creams and being paid again. It requires someone who has done a degree in dairy science or food science. He / she must have a keen sensitivity to tastes and an insensitivity to brain freeze.

2.Snake milker.

This one looks a bit scary because it involves dealing with one of the most dangerous animal in the world. It involves extracting venom from the world's most dangerous snakes such as cobras.

3.Professional mourner.

This is another weird job that most people have heard of in Kenya. It doesn't require any degree since everyone knows how to cry. Professional mourners are always hired to go and cry in funerals. They are being paid handsomely according to time.

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