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Inside The Profitable Business Of Nairobi Mama Fuas

Little is known about mama fuas as majority of them come to do their work, get paid and move to the next client. However, some have devised means to survive and even thrive in the business.

An example is a mama fua from Kibera slums who talked about her journey and how she managed to make a living from the business. She said that her greatest score is to earn the trust of her clients. The majority of her clients are part of the Nairobi working class. The trust that she established among her clients allowed her to clean their houses even when they are not around. Apart from trust, she has also good work ethic. Doing a great job guarantees clients to call her again and again whenever they need laundry services.

She has also created a good rapport with her clients. Although she gets numerous clients, she prioritizes clients with whom she has worked with for a while. On average she cleans three houses a day, six days a week. She charges Ksh1000 per household which totals to 3k per day. Working for a month, she ranks in a total of Ksh75,000 on average. What is your say towards the story?

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Kibera Mama Fuas Nairobi


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