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“Never Hang Out Or Sleep With Your Bosses,” Akothe Warns Her Daughter In Her Latest Letter To Them

Some hours ago, Akothe posted on her Instagram official page giving advice to her two daughters Rue Beby and Vesha Okello. According to her she told them that now she want them to go to the word and direct as many girls as possible which is after Their graduation. She added and told them that her name should not appear anywhere in their presentation since it might bring them more harm than good. Ahe continued and gave them the following rules to follow in life.

1. Always be humble.

2. Degree is a theory now they should gain experience.

3. Always be time conscious.

4. Avoid the spirit of procrastination.

5. Alwayw submit your work before the boss asks you for it.

6. Work to get paid, don't get paid to work.

7. Avoid negative empty workmates.

8. Be creative, innovative and and always willing to give on more.

9. Never dictate your salary,get what they are afferd. Show them what you got and after three months call them down and ask them your worth.

10. Never hang out or drink or sleep with their bosses, never sleep at work place they need new environment to do their shit. She added and told them to keep work without romance by keeping it professional.

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Ahe Akothe Alwayw


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