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'I Quit Teaching To Be A Mortician It's My Passion, This Is Why I Love It' Woman Confesses (Video)

Meet Catherine Njenga, who was an Early Childhood Education teacher, for 15 years before she finally discovered her passion and completely changed careers.

Today, the former teacher is a mortician employed by a major city hospital. She narrated that her interest in the job was triggered after her father died.

“The staff at K.U Funeral Home were kind, professional and cared for my father’s body with the utmost respect. This really impressed me and I made a choice to study the mortician course at University of Nairobi” Catherine shared.

Initially, her mom and family was against it but eventually they all came around and supported her. After a 3 month course she qualified and was employed. She has worked as a mortician in many hospitals and is currently employed at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

“Being a mortician is my passion and I love it because I get to comfort, console and preach to many grieving families. I believe this is my calling" Catherine Njenga Confessed.

Here's a link to her full story: (

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Catherine Njenga Early Childhood K.U


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