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Foreign exchange

Hustle that will make you money in kenya

Due to the high number of youths in kenya and the low job rate it has become hard to get a decent job more so the youth. Here are a few ways to make cash during this time.


A freelancer is a person who works independently without any affiliation or long term commitment to an employer. Work is based on a contract basis and the freelancer chooses the tasks and companies they would like to work for.

There is a high demand for freelancers in different fields such as writing, translating, web design, data entry, transcription, computer programing and graphic design among others.

You get paid on the time and amount of work you accomplish.

2 online tutor

If you have a skill or knowledge people are interested in possessing or learning more about, you can coach people on a one on one basis and get paid for it.

After perfecting the art of online teaching, you can develop an online course which learners can conveniently access at their own free time at a fee.

3.Forex trading

Forex trading is trading in different currency pairs with the aim to earn profit from the difference in the value of the currency pair due to market movements.

For example, let’s take the currency pair of Kenyan Shilling (KES) and US Dollars (USD). 1 USD is equal to 100 KES. KES is a not a strong currency like USD. Hence if we buy 5000 USD then we have to pay 500,000 KES. Now suppose the value of KES increases in the market. In that case, we have to pay less KES for every USD bought. That would also mean that for every USD you sell, you would receive more KES than you paid. This difference between the KES paid and received is the profit that you earn.

Forex trading is a profitable only if you know how to study the currency pairs and when to invest in which currency pair.

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