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List of Undermined Hustles But are More of Income Than you Expect, Try Them Now

There are very many cases of unemployment in the country and youths are really complaining about the situation,even after attaining degrees and masters from their respective courses, university graduates still find themselves in the list of the unemployed.

Things have even gotten more worse in the country due to lockdowns and the Covid-19 pandemic.This has made life very difficult and expensive to live among citizens.

But,we can never give up since that's not the option,we have to find something to put on the table at the end of the day.This is a list of businesses that just require little capital to start but will soon sustain your financial demand as soon as you begin them.

1.Selling smokies and boiled eggs.

This is the fastest growing business among the youths in the country due to its little starting capital and large number of customers it can attract.Smokies and boiled eggs are loved by many especially the youths and children which obviously make the largest population in the country,this means you will get a large number of customers.

The business requires a little capital of estimated Ksh 6,000 to buy a trolley for display your eggs and smokies and reliable source of eggs and smokies and expect to make good money.The Business should be well located in public areas like schools and bus stages to attract more customers.

2. Chicken rearing.

Of course chicken can be reared for different purpose like production of eggs,meat and even feathers.

This is Side hustle business that require one to have a minimum capital of just Ksh 5,000 to buy at least 50chicks for beginners.

For maximum production you have to construct a good chicken house for security of your chicks and secure a reliable source of chicken food.After a period of 4 months the chicks will have started laying eggs and ready for sale thus you can begin to earn.

3. Selling second hand clothes.

These are used clothes that are brought again the market but now for lower prices.One require a minimum capital of Ksh 6,000 to purchase a bale of clothes and then you find an open air market to display your products and sell at profits,for instance let's say you have bought a cloth at Ksh 50 and decide to sell it for Ksh 100,that will be 100% profit for you.Thia business does well mainly in urban centers that are highly populated and it also involves minimum risks.

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