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Retired Teachers Can Do The Following Jobs

Article writing

Being a retired teacher of either Swahili or English language, you have the experience of writing compositions. You can still use that expertise to write articles for money in sites like Freelancer, Opera hub or Scooper.You can still own your blog and monetize it with AdSense. You can also write booklets and sell them and relief yourself from financial strains.


Retired trainers have lots of free time.They can use it to manage their own poultry farms as birds requires careful observation when it comes to vaccination, cleaning and feeding.The business is lucrative as you can sell live birds,eggs,meat or manure and get some coins to keep you going.


Having been off from 8-4pm routine gives you enough time to manage your property instead of hiring a manager who might steal from you.Therefore, you can build houses for rent and find tenants to rent.Who thereafter will be paying you monthly or annually and this will give money as you aren't getting salary as before. You can still use one of the rooms to establish a business like selling books of the subjects you used to teach or offering extra tuition to students for money.

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