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Thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you from getting rich

First,you will need to understand what it means to be rich because its a thing that most don't understand. To be rich means not living in poverty and poverty means a state of being poor and to be poor means feeding on less than one US dollar per day per person,and based on all those definitions it means almost everybody living in Africa or the middle east Asian is poor.

So what are the primary reasons as to why the poor are poor and getting poorer all day and the rich are constantly making more money every single day.

Your thoughts are making you poor,your beliefs are making you poor. But you might also also ask what are those thoughts that are making you poor,well,I have answers for you.

Number one,you believe that all rich people got rich through money rituals or use of any satanic or satanic related powers.

Back then,I used to believe that all English Premier League players,all musicians and all movies celebrities are members of the Illuminati or any other secret society. Because even when you google,you will find some many articles claiming that most of these famous celebrities are members of the secret societies. With that belief,you will not work any hard to make money rather you will say that the only way to get money is through joining the secret societies and most of them are satanic.

Number two,you think that saving money is safer than investing. Most of the times,investors most especially ones who are just beginning makes loses and creates a though in people's minds that saving is safer simply because they are no risks involved but trust me all the rich people you see today took greater risks.

Number three,you think poverty is destined to you. Destiny is never real unless you believe it's real,so that one moment you will say that you were destined to be poor is when poverty becomes your destiny. Wake up every morning and tell yourself poverty is not destiny and keep giving tries,keep taking risks,keep trying to grow your money every single minute and you will see the changes.

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