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A new Way To Write A Simple Resume That Will Earn You Employment at Any Firm

One of the most important requirements when applying for a job is drafting a tantalising curriculum vitae or resume.

The above photo shows a simple way to write a resume. All CVs must contain personal contact and locational details briefly at the top left corner. Your name takes the 'title' space.

Start with your detailed personal information which includes date of birth, age and current location( in detail).

On to your education records, begin with the most recent educational qualifications. Systematically descend to the first certificate thereafter.

It is prooves that you are competent at or qualified for the applied job. It will do the sweet talking and convincing job.

Kindly note that there is no pride or advantage in having worked at many companies. It may work to your disadvantage as it shows that you are unreliable. All that matters is the years of working and not the number of firms one has worked in.

Attach proofs that you were truly in the said companies. This is part of your responsibility, however, some employers do confidential letters to affirm your positions and qualities at the said firms. Itvis therefore important that you provide honest information.

In addition, your records should be related to the applied job. If you are applying for a nursing job and you had worked as a plumber sometimes back, there is no point of including this in your resume as it is not field related. It disorganises your work and employers may hurriedly dismiss your application.

To conclude, speak to the employers briefly about yourself. For example: I am an easy-going and congenial, with a strong sense of responsibility and good team spirit.

Best of luck with your job application.

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