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College Education


What Next After Graduation?

You are done with your 2, 3, or 4-year diploma or degree course. Now the reality is hitting your face, that all the uncles or aunties who promise of a guaranteed job are false. And some of us have no connections, we have sent applications for internships but nothing is happening.

You are getting stressed each day, asking yourself if the course you did is worth it. Don't be stressed things will always work in the end, there is something you are skilled to do or just join your friend doing the jobs deemed as minor, put pride aside.

All you can think is how to make money, always know that money will always go where money is, so the little you have use it wisely so that it can bring more than you have now. Just don't do some things for the money you are a human being, we have moral standards, respect yourself and your family as anything bad you do will always hunt you down at the end.

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