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Biggest mistakes that Kenyan job seekers should avoid

Mistakes don't go over well when you're job searching. In a competitive job market like Kenyan market, even a typo is enough to knock you out of contention for a job.

Doing or saying the wrong thing at a job interview won't help you get hired either.

1.Job searching without a plan

Your search for a new career should not consist of blasting your resume to every open position that interests you. Many candidates feel that getting their resume to every company and applying to any position within their field will increase their odds of getting hired, it won’t.

2.Not utilizing your online presence

If your LinkedIn profile isn’t updated, recruiters may think you’re still employed and could pass you by. Don’t be shy, that’s why LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are called social networks, so use them to the fullest pot.

3. Not following up

Whether it be an interview or a networking meeting, make sure to follow up with a simple email or phone call to thank the individual for their time. This will allow them to remember you and create the opportunity for another meeting in the future. Keep the door open and find ways to be helpful to everyone in your network.

4.Being unprepared

Being prepared for interviews is one of the most important things you can do to help your job search. Research the company you’re interviewing at, learn about the person conducting the interview if you can, practice tough interview questions and be able to speak about your experience clearly and confidently.

Content created and supplied by: PeterNambafu (via Opera News )

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