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Simple Business Ideas

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Kenya country is among the most popular countries with a good number of educated people, even though most of them are yet to be employed due to less jobs opportunities in our motherland country. We as opera news we are giving you business tips and advice on how to change your life through business.These business are so simple everyone has a potential to start, whether degree, diploma or certificate holders may turn to business as they search for the jobs of their dreams. These business opportunities include:

1. Poultry Farming Starting a chicken rearing business requires a seed capital of as low as Ksh10,000. Profit increases as you increase the number of chicken.

2. Manicure. Women in Kenya wants to look beautiful, and you can tap into this potential by starting a manicure business. You can start by doing house calls before you rent a place.

3. Boiled eggs and smokies. With a small capital you have to think of selling, eggs, samosa this requires small capital like a thousand shillings. And you will make a lot of money from that.

4. Juice blending/fruit business, with this one you need a small capital for buying a blender machine since fruits to get is so easy.

5. Selling second-hand clothes. Most popular business in Kenya, but tricky to run. However, second hand clothes business is booming and if you are looking for a business to start, this would be the best for you.

Don't wait anymore for a job be self-employed and get inspired by the richest people who never went to school, yet they are millionaires. Kindly like and share to inspire others.

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Kenya Poultry Farming


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