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What it takes one to be a neurologist or a neurosurgeon

It’s an highly coveted career that most of pupils and students salivate for in early ages among many other lucrative careers.

The dream mostly fades as one progresses through the academic ladder, but what does one go through to became one and what is the work of a neurosurgeons?

A neurosurgeon is a physician who specialises in treatment and surgery of diseases and disorders associated with the peripheral nervous system and the Central nervous system. The nervous system starts from the brain all through to the spinal cord and all the cells associated with it. Note a neurologist is a doctor who only diagnoses diseases and disorders associated the CNS and PNS but doesn’t perform surgery.

The journey to become one start at form 4. Here one must qualify to take a Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of surgery (MBChB) at the university, to qualify for this course one must score a minimum mean grade of  B (plain) at KCSE and a minimum score of B in each of the following cluster subjects Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Physics and English. It take a total of six years to complete and not more than twelve for a bachelor degree.

After graduation, one then enrols for a masters degree in surgery thereafter studies in neurosurgery also called residence program which can take up to 7 years. In Kenya it’s only offered at University of Nairobi only.

We’ve got a limited number of this specialist in Kenya who are at a very high demand. One can become a neurosurgeon or a neurologist if you’ve got interests to become one. Remember it rewards more and it also comes with honour in the society.

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