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Lessons That Will Guide You When Choosing Careers

On average, we spend around one-third of our lives at work. Therefore, it is important to pause and reflect on the type of career, job, and field of work that we would want to spend that amount of time in. It is said that those who enjoy their job never work a day in their life. Meaning that in addition to choosing a vocation that best matches your skills, it is also important to embark on a career that you enjoy, that sparks your interest and gives you a sense of purpose. So, if you are wondering which long-term career you may be most suited to, and how to go about achieving your goals, below are some of the key lessons to learn when making your choice.


1.Career is beyond what you study,its what the extra skill,passion beyond the paper.

2.There are no marketable courses,we have marketable people.Do things to grow yourself as a person.

3.No grade is an entitlement.Dont think that because you scores 1st class sb owes you a job or that sb who scored a pass deserve less.You need to knock doors and go beyond.

4.As you grow your CV on education,too grow on other life skills aspects like communication,l


5.Its never too late to make a change.If you feel sth is not working dont die there.

6.Life is beyond papers.Infact when hiring or contracting people i dont care what you scored or your level.i only focus on what you can do and who you are.

7.Dont just look at job prospect but growing yourself as a happy and independent person.

What have you learnt?

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