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Different Types of Delegation

General or specific delegation,this is where any person is granted authority to perform the various functions in his department or division,it is called general delegation. But exercise of authority by each subodinate continues to be subject to an overall regulation and supervision by his superior.

Specific delegation is functional in character. Under it, different subordinates are given different specific functions to perform. For example ,the production ,the sales manager for sales, the accounts officers for accounting matters and the personnel officer for recruitment, training and placement of workers.

Written or unwritten delegation, it is made by written orders, instructions it is based on custom convention or usage.

Formal or informal delegation, it is laid down in the Organisation structure on an enterprise,for example the sales manager is assigned the responsibility and the accompanying authority to maintain and promote sales.

Informal delegation occurs when employees perform certain duties not because these are assigned to them, but because feel that thereby they can perform their tasks better and in time.

Downward,upward and sideward delegation, downward delegation occurs where superior assigns duties and delegates Authority to his immediate subordinates. This is the most common type of delegation.

In upward delegation, subodinate assigns some of his tasks to his immediate superior. But instances of such delegation are rare.

In sideward Delegation, a subodinate assigns some of his duties and tasks to another subodinate of the same rank.

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