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Why Good Leaders Fail

It’s hard to understand why successful leaders suddenly fail to meet expectations — what the authors term leader derailment. While personalities are sometimes to blame, organizational context plays a significant role. Companies can help prevent derailment by identifying the most challenging demands leaders must overcome early on and providing them with better support systems.

it's hard to understand why leaders with a successful record fail to meet expectations. Even before the pandemic Worldwide the unanticipated widespread of leadership fail among different organisations roughly averaged half of 100 percent records.

Leadershipfailure has long posed a significant risk of financial problems to several organisations.

Given the costs of recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and training replacement leaders costs that can add up to three times an executive’s salary, in some cases. Leadership failure can also have negative spillover effects on the productivity of other members of the organization, as well as on the company’s morale and reputation. This is especially true when leaders were successful early on and were expected to continue performing at a high level.

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