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5 Ways To Success And Other Words Of Wisdom You Must Not Miss Out

Mind is the Master weaver of one's fortune or misfortune. It acts as a superior master that molds and formulates one's destiny. This means that a man is his or her mind and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth in a thousand of joys, or ills: A man thinks in secret, and it comes to pass.

Everyone yearns to be financially stable. No matter his or her present circumstances, even the laziest one, often claim that one day he or she will be rich. The humor arrives when you ask them how they will be reached. They respond by saying they don’t know but they believe that they will be rich. 

Though there are different ways through which this kind of success can be achieved, attaint of success is common to all. Success does not choose what you do. Whatever you do, do it with passion and love and in the end, you will sow the fruits of your labor. Hard work does not pay but using the brain, does.

The level of unemployment in different nations has reduced people to zero. Those who have ideas also lack money to start utilizing the knowledge of their ideas. The talented are now recessed because like everything needs money to boost or start. Everyone is trying to emerge from this bottomless pit of poverty. Some are even dying due to their lot of hopes in life. Dying young or old but still having hopes of a better future.

Life lacks no challenges or struggles. The struggles and the challenges bombarding human beings, make life interesting. After all, life cannot be interesting if there is nothing you are fighting hard to achieve. These struggles and the challenges we try to walk and maneuver through are meant to strengthen the armory of one's soul.

At some extremity, you will discover that the sun is always alone yet it shines. You do not need to have someone big to achieve your dreams. Though it is said that whoever has people is richer than the rich, but I do believe having to travel alone, is the best idea one may take.

It is by you that you hinder yourself from knowing you can change the world. A man's gainer is the delightful and pungent fruitage of his husbandry. The fruits that one bears are positively or negatively influenced by his or her thoughts. You are the leader, driver, and ruler of your thoughts and your life, and the characters that cling unto you, are the resultant fruits of your mindset! Your character often springs from the undivulged seed of your thoughts in your mind! Nothing can change your present circumstance until you change what you hold in your mind. 

It is said that he who that seeks, finds. He who that knocks, it shall be opened. It is only by patience, perseverance, practice, ceaseless and tireless importunity that can permeate the door of the sanctuary of wisdom.


1. Chalmers Brothers said that discerning yourself is the necessary starting point of any real change. This means that you cannot be able to know your real self if you cannot take time to be still. Many people avoid spending time all alone because of fear. By this, they end up not realizing who their real self are. 

2. Anyone has a set of vague ideas of who they want to be but it might also be not who they were destined to be. So, the idea of knowing yourself is very important. Knowing who you are, prepares you for the big picture in life. 

3. There are so many paths that one can take to know who one truly is. However, the best path one should take first is the path of personality testing. Taking this test opens another door like determining your strengths and weaknesses in life. 

4. Another difficult but necessary step to take to know yourself is by knowing what you are good at. Though it takes moments of error and trial, you should try hard and avoid losing hope and quitting. The best time to quit is when you have already known who you truly are for this will play a big role in the success of your life. 

5. Heeding what you love is also the best part to determine your real self. What you love doing and paying a lot of attention to, determines what you will be in future life. So, if you find yourself giving speeches and other sorts of things, keep effort to comprehending public speaking. 

A large aspect of knowing yourself is mostly found in your relationships. If you can not determine or realize who you are, then you cannot realize or see what another person can be. This is mostly for leaders. If leaders don't know their team, then it is dangerous because sooner than later, they can end up losing as leaders. 

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